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Landscaping Huntingdon


Firstly, do you have a project that necessitates the skills of a landscaping expert? 

Similarly, do you also have an idea or vision in mind for your ideal garden? 

Or, is it only regular attention and upkeep that you require? 

Thus, Landscaping Huntingdon can consult, design, build, and maintain all of your landscaping needs, whether residential or commercial. 

Obviously, every project is unique. It also necessitates particular attention to detail. Ultimately, we enjoy what we do every day and accordingly get satisfaction in being able to transform your run-down garden into a show-stopping, outdoor space. 

Landscaping Huntingdon
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We Work with Your Budget

Undoubtedly, OUR ultimate goal is to construct YOUR ideal project; therefore, contact us today, to see how we may help you realise your vision. 

Thus, we have extensive experience with a strong understanding of the sector. Obviously, working in the landscaping and construction industry for many years has given us many opportunities. Therefore, we have built a portfolio of unique and exciting projects that we are delighted to present. Because of this, we thrive in the landscaping business because of our industry, and local knowledge, as well as our love for the outdoors. 

Our Landscape Gardeners in Huntingdon

Significantly, our devoted team of specialists at Landscaping Huntingdon leads the way in terms of artistic flair, dependable workforce, and exceptional customer service. 

Moreover, we also attribute this to the many people we are proud to call part of our expert team. Therefore, every day, our desire to improve outdoor areas, fuels our ambition to be Huntingdon area’s leading landscaping company. 


Landscape Gardeners in Huntingdon

Landscaping Huntingdon

Residential and Commercial landscaping services

Firstly, our residential and commercial landscaping teams are the right fit for your next project, because of our extensive micro management, and attention to detail. Therefore, we have glowing reviews and customer testimonies highlighting why our residential and commercial landscaping teams would, ultimately, be ideal for your project. 

Moreover, landscaping Huntingdon is also a well-known firm with over 10 years of expertise in the sector.

We offer a wide range of landscaping services, from start to finish, including: 


  • Large commercial estates  
  • Front driveways and property entrances   
  • Rear Garden overhauls including soft and hard landscaping  
  • New build developments   
  • Residential courtyards and terraces   
  • Drainage and groundworks packages  
  • Business premises including care homes  
  • Ongoing maintenance projects  
  • Listed buildings   
  • Complex design and lie of the land projects, including split level gardens etc  
  • Office studios and structures  
  • Themed projects ; Naturalistic, Jurassic, Mediterranean, Gothic, Cottage, Zen, etc.   
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Every field has experts – Landscape Gardeners

Explicitly, the Landscaping Huntingdon staff were chosen for their expertise and experience in each of the company’s departments. 

Whatever your requirements, we can help. From soft landscaping, a planting scheme, or prune existing trees, our experts have the in depth understanding and skill.

Evidently, our hardscapers, for example, are surfacing experts who work on everything from patios to driveways. This also includes block paving and resin bonded gravel.

Therefore, we have created trusted connections with clients and suppliers alike, in the Huntingdon area. Chiefly, this is a result of our strong work ethic, and also diverse workforce. Subsequently, this keeps our regular customers coming back, time and time again. 

The broad picture is sculpted by little details

Landscaping Huntingdon, ultimately, takes pride in its attention to detail, and never-ending hard work. 

Moreover, client satisfaction is the bare minimum we shall strive for; nevertheless, our goal is to constantly go above and beyond, to earn our clients’ praise and referrals. 

Therefore, our team of experts collaborate with trusted vendors, to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standard. 

Landscaping and construction projects

Because Landscaping and Construction projects necessitate a significant amount of prior planning and preparation, it is necessary for any size project. However, smaller projects often demand more attention than larger ones. 

Safety Measures

Besides, safety on the job site is perhaps the most crucial aspect of our business. Whether we are working on a major commercial project or a small home garden, the values we maintain and operate by, are the same. Moreover, we are SMAS accredited, which allows us to stay current on training programs and health and safety aspects, in the workplace. Materials such as asbestos knowledge, manual handling, and safety at heights, are our ultimate focus. Ultimately, we have street work accreditations that allow us to safely conduct highway construction and also drop kerbs, for residential homes. 

Moreover, we recognise that there are many factors to consider, throughout your project. Therefore, our project management team and daily site foreman will assist you at every step. 

Landscaping Huntingdon possesses a variety of contemporary machinery to accomplish the most complex of operations. Therefore, this is certainly why we are one of the sector’s leading companies.

Landscape Gardeners Huntingdon

Making your garden fantasy idea a reality 

Because we work hard to take your ideas and thoughts and transform them into a beautiful outdoor place, you will enjoy this for years. 

Therefore, our obsession with landscaping, along with our innovative approach to your custom project, is also a winning combination. 

Moreover, your project must be unique and make you smile every time you see it. This could be in the form of a new patio area for entertaining the family, or a new planting scheme to brighten up the frontage of your home. 

Landscape design that is well-structured and engineered, can additionally provide the finishing touches to your already-loved, family home, or commercial location. 


We’re doing our part to help the environment. 

Accordingly, we live in a world where we must all be concerned about the environment, and the actions we take to safeguard it. 

Firstly, our goal is to decrease waste and reuse resources whenever possible. Therefore, we only buy from trustworthy vendors and utilise items, that are responsibly sourced. 

Therefore, reducing our carbon footprint and care for our environment, are high on our priority list; join us in taking care of OUR world, jointly, as much as possible. 


Landscaping Huntingdon – From Start to Finish 


All together, we will conduct a site examination and consultation, at no cost to you. 

Basically, while evaluating your garden and property, the initial consultation is also largely focused on discussing, and going through, your early thoughts and ideas. Moreover, Landscaping Huntingdon is a firm believer in listening to our clients’ goals and needs. Ultimately, their desires, in order to produce ideas and projects, can bring their visions to reality. 

Additionally, we arrange meetings with the team to finalise the details and also negotiate the budget, amongst other things. 

Firstly, we do primary research (Check topography, access, land, gradients, trees etc). Following this we arrange meetings to go over the layout and also plans, in detail. Equally, master plan, work schedule, material procurement, and machinery/equipment plan are also discussed. Additionally, we schedule meetings on hard and soft landscaping, primarily to discuss planting schemes, final material choices, and so on and so forth. 

Project Management

Finally, full project management, in which our team will see the project through from beginning to end, ensure your peace of mind and total happiness. 

As a result, quotations are provided at no cost and are also detailed for each aspect of your project. 

“Great Huntingdon Landscaping Company!” 

Finally, I am really pleased with the landscaping work done on my neglected garden. I highly recommend this gardening company. 

Diana Johanson

Happy Customer

“A fantastic commercial landscaping team” 

In the Huntingdon region, a dependable and economical landscaping company. I was pleased to notice every care was taken for every aspect of our garden. The job was well done, our office garden is pleasant and a beautiful place. 

Rebeka Brown

Satisfied Customer

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