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Driveway Installation Huntingdon

Firstly, when you think about your driveway, one thing that comes to mind is where you can put my car. 

This, however, is only the utilitarian aspect of your driveway; it is also the frontage to your house and an aesthetic delight for both you and your visitors. 

Basically, whatever your needs, a practical upgrade, such as widening or resurfacing, or simply want to improve the appearance of your home’s entry. We can help, don’t hesitate to contact Landscaping Huntingdon experts. 

Block paving - landscaping company Huntingdon
Landscaping Huntingdon - block paving

Driveway installation Huntingdon: Block paving 

Accordingly, because of its durability and versatility, this long-lasting surface has been employed on both residential and commercial projects, for many years. 

Therefore, it’s a popular choice for surfacing the front of your house, or driveway, because of its many forms, shapes, and colours. 

It can also be laid on a permeable basis if SuDs drainage is required. Another way, it can be installed with enough surface water run-off drainage. 

Driveway installation: Resin bound gravel

Besides the aforementioned, resin bound gravel is a sustainable drainage system (SuDs). This eliminates the requirement for traditional drainage systems, like soakaway, and ACO channel drains. 

Besides this, its permeable layers prevent runoff, by allowing water to naturally infiltrate through the layers. Basically, this will drain away in a sustainable manner. 

Moreover, the surface is available in a wide range of colours, to suit any style of property. 

In addition, we can construct a unique form, or pattern, with the various edging options available. This will, ultimately, give your property that definite WOW factor ! Perhaps a corporation logo? Is there a house number in the drive? This sleek and attractive surface can also be used to construct a pathway or patio. 

Resin bound gravel pros:

Also, resin bound gravel can be used as a whole new surface or over an existing tarmac or concrete surface. Altogether, this might still be in good shape, but could use a freshen up. 

Therefore, the aggregates are tied together with a two-part epoxy resin adhesive. Chiefly, when blended with your choice of coloured aggregate, this will also form a bound surface. Ultimately, this will have no loose stones that will completely change your new driveway. 

Moreover, we only utilise a UV protection ingredient in our mix at Landscaping Huntingdon. Basically, this will provide longevity and colour protection against the elements. Ultimately, your new driveway will look fantastic, for years to come. 

Landscaping Huntingdon - Resin bound gravel

Driveway installation: Gravel driveway

Accordingly, this is arguably the most cost-effective, and straightforward way, to spruce up your front driveway. 

Therefore, gravel or loose aggregates / chippings add character to your home. Ultimately, this can be laid with a variety of edgings, to define the surface. 

For instance, we can add a reinforcing grid beneath the gravel. This will help to stabilise and retain the stone, where ground stability is necessary. 

Additionally, before the gravel is poured on to the unfinished driveway, an appropriate sub-base must be installed, over a Geo-textile membrane, to prevent subsidence. 

Landscaping Huntingdon - gravel driveway

Landscaping Huntingdon – Outside Lighting  

Additionally, are you looking for a way to spruce up your property’s entrance? Or, perhaps, you want to highlight a particular tree or shrub in your garden? Therefore, some mood lighting in planters, or on the walls, can create a nice atmosphere in the garden. 

Overall, hardwired, or solar lights, are both excellent choices for adding security. Additonally, this will prevent trips and falls, when venturing outside your home. 

Additionally, we can install a variety of lighting schemes, to meet your specific requirements. Also, our licensed electricians can design a lighting plan for you, or offer helpful advice on how to light up your outdoor space. 

Landscaping Huntingdon - Outside lighting-1
Landscaping Huntingdon - Outside lighting-1
Landscaping Huntingdon - Outside lighting-3

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