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Installation of Dropped Kerbs in Huntingdon. 

Are you specifically looking to install a drop kerb? Basically, this can be done legally and quickly, and will ultimately, enable cars access to your driveway, over the pavement. Undeniably, this is a simple method to expand or build a new driveway. Therefore, this method is conceivable for both residential and commercial properties. However, it must, firstly, be approved by the local council. Moreover, our Huntingdon landscaping firm is an Approved Installer. Basically, this means we can also help you apply for the appropriate approval, and then finish the installation with our skilled team. 

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Dropped kerbs installation - Huntingdon

Dropped kerbs Huntingdon


Ultimately, a dropped kerb, also called a “domestic car crossing,” or ”Dropped Crossing” allows cars to cross the pavements, from the street to a driveway. Subsequently, this needs to be done without damaging the pavement, or the kerb. Therefore, as part of the work, the kerbstones will be lowered and the pavement will also be made stronger, so that a ramp can be made.


Dropped kerb pros:


Certainly, there are many good things about a dropped kerb. So, firstly, we’ve made a list of the top reasons why you should think about getting one for your home.


  • Specifically, the most obvious benefit of a dropped kerb is that it lets you legally drive across a public path to get into your property.
  • Also, with a dropped kerb and a reinforced pavement, the weight of your car won’t damage the utilities that are buried. So, without the reinforcement, you would be responsible for any damage to the sidewalk or the services under it, which can be expensive—possibly several times the cost of a dropped kerb.
  • Unsurprisingly, a dropped kerb can give you easy access, from the road to the driveway. This will not cause any damage to the wheels, tyres or suspension.
  • In short, it is illegal to park on the street in a way that blocks a dropped kerb. Ultimatelly, this keeps people from parking in front of your driveway, and makes sure that your car can access your property at any time.
  • However, if you register your car with the local council, you can legally park over the dropped kerb that serves your property. Therefore, this means that if you have guests, they can park on your driveway and you can park on the other side of the drop kerb. However, don’t forget to inform the council ahead of time, or you might get a parking ticket.
  • Therefore, if everyone on your street has a dropped kerb, there will be fewer cars, that don’t belong to residents, parked on the street. This will undeniably, make the neighbourhood look better and also increase the value of your home.
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