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Residential and commercial gardens of the highest quality 

Landscaping Company Huntingdon

Besides having a broad product knowledge and skill foundation, we also have a lot of experience. 

Moreover, we take pride in providing a professional, polite, and comprehensive landscaping service for both Residential and Commercial projects.

Landscaping Company Huntingdon: Our Team

Thus, we have specialists here to help you from the beginning of your project to the end, ensuring that you get the high-quality output you want.

Our garden designers, landscape architects, engineers, and construction team are all highly skilled in their fields. They are also passionate about transforming unappealing outdoor spaces. Therefore, they are able to transform gardens into areas of beauty, relaxation and entertainment. Even business space or additional parking will not only make your property more useful and desirable, but also add value to it. 

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Moreover, our professional team is committed to providing you with high-quality work and meticulous attention to detail. Please feel free to look through our Case Studies and Portfolio, to see some of the many projects our talented team has performed. Additionally, our team is equally excited to see your outside space transformed.


Landscaping Company Huntingdon: Hard or Soft landscaping

Furthermore, our professional teams take great pride in their work, and have specialised knowledge in their respective fields. Therefore, installing features, new buildings, constructions, surfacing, lawns, and/or planting, can be completed, by our experienced team. Their high level of craftsmanship is second to none. We work with you from the beginning to the end of your project. Additionally, every project is meticulously planned. This will guarantee that your landscaping team has the necessary expertise, resources, and equipment to accomplish your project to the best possible standard. Moreover, this has allowed us to establish a strong reputation, resulting in regular business by our existing customers, and high recommendations for Landscaping jobs in the Huntingdon area. 

It’s all about the details! 

Consequently, we’ve been landscaping for over 10 years, so we’ve built up not only a client network, but also a trusted supplier basis. This ensures that we can offer high-quality supplies when needed. Therefore, we are also dedicated to producing consistently high-quality projects, which necessitates meticulous attention to detail. 

Therefore, regardless of the project scale, we approach every project with a fresh, new passion to provide a concept to be incredibly proud of. Every detail, from the delivery of materials, equipment, and competence required for each project, is coordinated to guarantee that it runs well. Moreover, we own a variety of sophisticated technology and equipment, so we have access to the most up-to-date techniques, skills, and machinery. 

Fundamentally, our clients’ and team’s safety is also vital, and this is automatically factored into our planning. Additionally, great care is taken to minimise interruption to any family or business while the work is being done. 

Realise your landscaping ambitions! 

Henceforth, our Landscaping Company in Huntingdon offers a bespoke service that is geared to your specific needs. Moreover, we can assist you in imagining and realising your ideal garden. Therefore, our goal of the finished product, will look wonderful year after year, regardless of the season. Of course, gardens naturally change with the seasons and years. This happens particularly to the planting, which can change colour, size, and flowering, as well as shadows and shady places. All of this is accounted for in your one-of-a-kind design. 

What about the environment? 

Besides, the materials we use are acquired sustainably, and we’ve done a lot of research to make sure they’re from respectable companies. Therefore, these companies care about the environment and want to reduce their carbon impact. Additionally, we are as concerned about the environment as you are, and the impact on it. Therefore, we work with suppliers who have green credentials and, among other things, recycle any garbage that is collected from the site. Moreover, our design staff will be pleased to recommend some strategies to reduce your project’s environmental effect. These include living green walls or roofs, or even something as basic as installing a water butt, to collect and reuse rainwater while promoting nature. 

From conception to completion, we’ve got you covered! 

Furthermore, we will conduct an initial site survey and consultation, at no cost to you. 

Therefore, during the initial consultations, you will acquire all of the relevant information regarding your property and the surrounding environment. 

At Landscaping Huntingdon, we listen carefully to your ideas and share our expertise and knowledge with you. This is, basically, in order to create the perfect design for your space, while keeping any budget constraints in mind. Additional meetings with our skilled team are usually required so that they, too, understand your vision and priorities. 

Thus, a primary survey is required to assess the land’s topography, levels, tree count, and any planning constraints, among other things.

Then, initial sketched designs are compiled and discussed with you. After that, the Master Plan is then created. This will include scheduling of materials, necessary equipment, and selecting the most appropriately skilled team. After the above, the final detailed drawings are prepared, which will include details of any construction, plans for hardscaping works, and plans for any planting. 

Of course, Quotations are Free and outline each component of your project in detail. 

Quality Landscaping Huntingdon & Gardening Services, “A Landscape and Design Company with years of experience, delivering a complete service to bring your ideas to life” 

Landscaping Projects completed in the past include: 

  Complex gardening projects such as a sloping garden or terrace  Contemporary homes requiring a modern minimalistic approach  Large Estates  Listed buildings  Living green walls and roofs  New constructions and building developments  Office Complexes  Patios, paving and extra parking  Ponds and water features  Small Courtyards with space saving ideas  Sunken buildings  Themed gardens: Mediterranean, Renaissance, Naturalistic, Gothic, Cottage, Zen etc. 

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